Industrial automation

A very important part of our company is the creation and delivery of control systems for efficient control of technological processes. In this area we focus on complex deliveries according to customer needs. We provide process analysis, design of system control system solution, project processing, creation of application software, construction and delivery of switchboards, commissioning and customer training.

Energy industry

We are a supplier of control system for major players in the field of power engineering. We are able to come up with a solution that will suit your application and ensure complete delivery of the control system including communication with peripherals and all the elements within the segment.

Chemical industry

The ability and skill of optimal regulation is crucial and the most important in the chemical industry. Whether it is a regulation of the flow of pure water or neutralization of hazardous acids and other chemicals. We have a team for water and chemical management. We carry out chemical water treatment, specialized treatment plants, water pumping stations or wastewater treatment plants throughout the Czech Republic. We supply control system including field instrumentation from reputable manufacturers. We can choose from several suppliers according to your requirements.


Process management for infrastructure involves not only controlling traffic signs on motorways but also coordinating and collaborating between a several different technologies for the needs and proper functioning of highways and tunnels. The most important technology are elements for the protection of health and property in emergency situations. We develop a system for tunnel control, collect data from SOS highway audio stations and create a visualization system for comfortable and clear control.


For customers who are interested in service we secure individual conditions. We are able to provide nonstop emergency service in case of any problems with control system or application SW. We are able to hold important spare parts in stock for immediate replacement or quick delivery of a new part.