The goal of the Drives division is not just to supply the components needed for your operation. We deliver complex solutions that can save a lot of money, energy and material. Our mission is to provide quality and perfect customer service. We have a lot of experience in the field of surface mining, power engineering, petrochemistry, air conditioning and water treatment.

We guarantee energy savings

The operation of pumps and fans used to be solved with a classical "throttling" on the output. If the regulation is solved by controlling the speed using a frequency converter, then such a solution guarantees a reduction in power consumption up to tens of percent per year. Another advantage is a significant increase in mechanical lifetime as the machine operates at a lower speed. The return on investment varies between 2-3 years and generates profit for the next 10 years or more. In addition this investment can be financed also after the application of our solution, from the savings it generates.

Our most common applications

Our applications are related to control and regulation of speed, torque or position of AC or DC motors. We are specialists in regulated MV drives. We often solve drive for pumps, fans, compressors, mills, centrifuges and conveyors, but also mining machines for surface and underground mining (excavators, etc.). We are able to process solution for almost any industry in the Czech Republic and abroad. We can also supply the necessary spare parts. We provide customer service. We guarantee long-term reliability of our applications.

Processing from A to Z

Contact “Drives” with your requirements and we will design the optimal solution with respect to the specified parameters, from the design of the system solution, through the delivery of all necessary components and assembly work. We will solve the connection of the driven equipment to the algorithms of the new or existing control system to the screens, diagnostics and we will train the operators and maintenance. All professionally, without the need to search for other subcontractors.

Customer service

After developing and implementing our solution we will stay in contact with you for the entire life of the device. We are a team with one simple goal – to provide and operate the device reliably and effectively. You can contact our team of specialists at any time because we provide 24/7 service.

Do not hesitate to contact us

Email and service:
Phone 24/7: +420 321 579 061